A Ball Cock in Your Toilet

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Sounds like your toilet may need to go for an annual check-up. Actually it does when you’re considering winterizing your home.
Currently we are running a Winterizing special for $199 which will take away the worries of busted pipes and cold seeping through the windows.  If you want to winterize an empty home, consider the following:

Toilet Bowls…Only use the auto grade antifreeze
Water Lines…    Hook an air compressor to the water lines to blow them out
Water Faucets ….leave all the faucets open…Disconnect the water meter and set it on the floor gently

Right Handyman or the Wrong Man

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Just the other day I got a phone call from a client asking if they could put up crown molding in about a couple of hours like they saw on HGTV?  The quick answer to that is “no ma’am.”
If you realize you need to pass the project along, consider these 6 things in selecting the right handyman.
  1 Ask if they specialize in that particular area.
  2  Ask for references to call
  3 Be prepared to pay more for a specialist vs a handyman
  4 Get at least 4 bids before making a decision
  5 Get a contract in writing and keep all copies
  6 Communication skills (i.e. returning calls, etc)

What other comments do you have?

Save Green with Lowes or Home Depot

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As your Saint Handyman, it is my moral obligation to let you know where to get the better deal for your mini projects around the house.  Home Depot or Lowes?
Based upon my 30+ years of experience dealing home projects, I was glad when there was finally a warehouse heaven for all handymen. Everyday I had to make a choice, either I was going with the bold orange or the blue collar. Then I went for what was  more important...where I was spending the less green. 
The vote is in, and by far when it comes to small items, you might want to drive to your local blue Lowes to save a little green.
What are your thoughts?